I'm sorry, this is a non photographic topic but

Moving Sucks!

I know, my own choice, didn't have to move, quit your bitching, to have this choice, few are so lucky. But really, very disruptive! My whole life shaken up and out of whack. Who woulda thought? I know, duh, right?

At any rate, I am just about out of the townhouse I was in for 27 years. Long time. My daughter was eight when we moved in and now she's 35. I am renting for the next year on the other side of Cambridge in an apartment complex, a first for me. 


Well, there's plan. Put my living in with my studio into one whole place. It has been a small place to live and another studio somewhere for many years. I am trying to change that. I will rent for a  year and work towards a real home by looking and succeeding as soon as I can. Probably 2500-3000 sq ft needed plus a two car garage. Studio on top of garage might work