If At First

If at first, you don't succeed, keep working. That's what I've been doing lately, driving an hour out Rt 2 west of Boston to the Baldwinville exit, then north through town to the Lake Dennison Conservation Area. Several trips. Very traditional landscape pictures using the Sony handheld, much as I did years ago with an 8 x 10 view camera. Hard to get good pictures in the woods, branches obscuring your subject, the light often not right or too harsh. A system of high craft, isolation and selection. Rewarding when you get a good one but all too rare. Beauty's the thing, classic design, foreground to background interplay; water, grass, trees, nothing new here but an effort to bring the skills back into play. Very rusty at first but getting it back now. 

I have never had a tenuous grasp on whatever it is that I have had through my career but the past 20 months of Covid and some medical setbacks have sidelined me. I can report I am back with strength at last and seeing well again. 

This place is perfect, pictures made in isolation, no conflicts or distractions. Just me, the camera, and the subject. Simple, clean. 

Good to be working again.

Photographically, this is one of the best times in New England, late autumn, just before the snow comes to change it all, the ground hard frozen, the air crisp, everything off the trees.

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Permalink | Posted December 5, 2021