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Mountain Work 2011

Mountain Work is a group of photographs made over a two year period and combine work I did in Italy, Utah, Vermont, New Hamshire and California.

The prints are @ 23 x 15 inches and are archival inkjet prints.

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Ita4813 italy
Ita6123 italy
Sum1840 wa
Ita4823 italy
Ita4862 italy
Ita5143 italy
Ita5144 italy
Ita5279 italy
Ita5315 itaky
Ita5373 itaky
Ita5391 italy
Ita5471 italy
Ita6141 itaky
Ita6193 italy
Ita6211 italy
Ita6298 italy
Sum2576 wa
Sum2583 wa
Sum2588 wash
Sum2590 wa
Sum8310 kill
Sum8324 killington
Wtr5786 ca
Wtr5801 ca
Spr0825 utah