Book: Buffalo NY Silo City

There is a new book out with a limited run on the 10 years photographers were allowed to photograph what is called: "Silo City" in Buffalo NY.

Spearheaded by photographer Mark Maio with permission from the property's owner, Mark ran photo workshops for 10 years before the complex was sold to developers.

The abandoned warehouses and silos are extensive. I attended a workshop in 2016 and, after an orientation and safety walkthrough, we were let loose to photograph as we wished for two days.

The book publishes many photographs from workshop participants over the 10 years it ran in really first-rate reproductions. It also gives us the history of the silos and the role they played in bringing the grain harvested in the American midwest on its journey through the Great Lakes and on to the rest of the world

The book was just published in a limited run, catering to the 40 or so photographers that have their work in it. But there is talk of another run. Interested?

I suggest you approach Mark directly at: 

and ask to be put on the list for a copy from the next printing.

This is a superb book and deserves wide exposure.

This last one is from the Buffalo Water Works which was a site we were given access  to on the last day of our workshop.

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