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Zombie Night

Last week, the day after my lecture for the PRC, an old friend and I took a short road trip to the Hudson River Valley to shoot, to look around and to get away. We did all the things you would do on a trip like this: we went to Dia Beacon, a wonderful museum right next to the river, we went to a brew pub for a beer and a meal, we checked out a couple of galleries, we walked across the Hudson River on a bright early spring morning, etc.

One night after dinner we stopped in at a local coffee shop called 2 Alice's. As we sat there with our coffee this couple arrived:

looking a little embarrassed but also pleased with themselves for getting made up and heading out for what turned out to be Zombie Night at the café. I couldn't resist and rushed out to the car to get my camera.

Here are a couple more:

and finally, the girl who was working that night serving coffee laughing at how ridiculous it all was:

However brief our time away was, it was fun being on the road again and a good preview for the next month when I will be mostly gone.

Where? Starting Thursday driving to Penland in Spruce Pine, North Carolina to teach an architectural photography master class with several others, then to Rabun Gap, Georgia where I have an artist residency at the Hambidge Center for two weeks.

I won't have constant access to the web so may have to cut down on posts. I know, some of you will be pleased to hear that. My sister for one as she complains that she can't keep up. After Penland I will be shooting daily so hope to be able to post whatever it is that is going on photographically with me in Georgia. This a place I've been to twice before and those times I shot only 8 x 10. This time will be different. April in North Carolina and northern Georgia is spectactularly beautiful.

One thing I've noticed about this new lifestyle I have which involves me being gone frequently is that the being away breaks any continuity I have when I am home. By this I mean that whatever life I have while home means some family, some friends, some responsibilities, some meetings and some showing of work, etc. is all stopped while I am away. All those contacts back at home carry on without me as you would expect. When I come back things are altered or skewed slightly towards me being away. It takes awhile to get that back on track again by which point I am most likely going away again.

One of my best friends is from Rhode Island. A favorite thing she says is "Just sayin".

Just sayin...

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