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Mercedes, my friend and former Studio Assistant at Penland  in North Carolina, knows just what I mean when she gets a one word text from me that says: Kudzu! If I am in the south I am on the prowl for kudzu.

Kudzu, the legendary fast-growing vine in the American South, the one that can grow a foot a day and cover your parked car if you're not careful, the one I love to photograph off season when it lies flat and tangled with no leaves, looking like a dark brown lace fell over the landscape.

(Yes, these are going to be dark. Say your trying to see these in bright sunlight on your super smartphone, Spunky? Good luck with that. I suggest you view them in a darkened room on a high end monitor to get how simply wonderful and creepy these are.)

These here are from Mississippi and Kentucky shot the past couple of days as I am headed home to Boston from New Orleans.

What's to say? I do love kudzu, although most hate it as it is invasive and chokes the life right out of most growth plants. 

Next up? I stayed at the simply wonderful Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill in Kentucky last night and shot late and early light.

Stay tuned.

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