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In an effort to give back and hopefully to be helpful I have been on the boards of two non profit local photography organizations for the past several years: The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University in Boston and the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. On the Griffin I am a non voting board member, called a corporator.

Some of you will know these two organizations well. They provide extensive programming, excellent exhibitions, yearly portfolio reviews, awards, auctions and a variety of services too good to lose. And they both need our help in order to continue. As I have learned, it is very hard to raise funds for "continuing operating expenses" as this doesn't sell well and isn't sexy. But it is exactly what they need. Another thing I've learned: many people think they are supporting the organizations by being members. But this doesn't help sustain them, membership just pays for services.

I am making a plea here for a contribution, be it small or large, to the organization of your choice (or to both). If you don't know each one check them out here:

Photographic Resource Center

Griffin Museum of Photography

and take a look at what they do and plan to do. If you do know what they offer consider this: imagine New England without them. It is inconceivable, at least to me. I back up my passion for these two places with my volunteering to help however I can but also with cash. Can't send them much? Fine. Send them $10 along with a note saying thanks. Can send a lot? Then please do. They need your help very much.

Thank You

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