Three Amigos Returns

Last December,  two friends and I  had a show in Harvard, MA we called the Three Amigos show. Not many came from Boston as it was far away and it was right before Christmas. Well now's your chance, as it is coming to NESOP (New England School of Photography) in Kenmore Square in April.

The show runs from April 7-May 23 and includes a few pieces of mine from Reggio Emelia in Italy:

and two aerial sand dune pictures from the Imperial Sand Dunes in Southern California:

The other two in the show are Fred Sway, who is a longtime friend and wonderful photographer and also happens to be the former director of NESOP. Fred is showing a new series of color pictures of marquees. The other is John Rizzo, a former graduate of NESOP and a very successful lifestyle photographer. John is showing color street photographs from Italy, where he lives about half the year.

The reception for the exhibition is Saturday, April 12 from 3:3-5:30 pm. We hope to see you at the show.

BTW: NESOP is on the second floor at 537 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. For additional information please call: 617-437-1868.

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