On The Road Again

Why do I think best when behind the wheel for hours on end? It's got to be the solitude and freedom from the phone (if I turn it off). At any rate, I thought long and hard the past few days. I ended the first leg of my trip to New Orleans in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, where Penland School of Crafts is. I have taught there for the past three summers. I went there to see friends, including Mercedes Jelinek, my former teaching assistant and a current three year artist in residence at the school.

I left Boston about 6 a.m. I hit some snow, some sleet, some freezing rain, plain rain and fog, which looked like it was coming off the snow as the air temperature rose. Next day, starting off in Frederiksburg, VA it went from just below freezing rain to sun and then to the high 60's in NC. Long time since it has felt okay to be outside for any length of time. Looking back at this winter from this distance, I now understand just what a siege it has been for us in the northeast. Seems like a long time too. It is very very good to get away.

Stopped and made a few pictures along the way and in the motel early before leaving Fredericksburg.

This last one proving the efficacy of a PC lens. Don't know what a "PC" lens is? Try searching for "perspective control lens" or "tilt shift lens".

Be well, be happy, make pictures and do good things.

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Permalink | Posted March 8, 2015