Mall Backs

This is part two of a series on my photographs of malls. In the first part I discussed my photographs called Mallchitecture. In this post I will show where the project has progressed to photographs of the backs of malls.

Why am I photographing these?  Because the form and volume of these spaces is at its most crucial here. This is the "supply side" of these structures. Very often there is an access road behind the malls for trucks to bring in the goods for the stores. These are no frills spaces, no facades or ornaments, all business. 

Me too. My approach here is to force the issue, to display the form and the weight of the buildings. To pare down what you see to something essential. Many of these also place importance upon the negative space. Take a look at what happens to the sky, for instance: spacial and open or sometimes like a surface?

Why would I care about these as pictures? Because if you've been photographing as long as I have,  photographs that might describe a subject in a conventional manner hold little interest for me. 

For me these are core places, structures that are built for a single function, devoid of ornament or contrivance and, this is going out on a limb for sure, honest. 

I wonder what some of my architectural photographer friends will think of these. Considering I am teaching (Penland) with them in a month or so, this may be classicly bad timing on my part to put this out here now. Are they lining me up in their sights right now? We will see.  

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Permalink | Posted March 3, 2013