What a relief

After last week's shoot in Washington at the National Museum of Health and Medicine (here) I headed down to Martha's Vineyard. To be truthful, it has felt like R and R as photographing those specimens is very difficult emotionally.

The Vineyard's perfect as it is a powerful cathartic for me and always has been.  I am using the same tools, the same camera I used last week to photograph endless jars of premature death; abnormal and deformed life cut short, to see what's here that is the same but different than the last time I was here back in early June. 

I very often start here:

 Which is a beach near the cliffs at Gay Head( Aquinnah).

You must have places you love and revisit to confirm they are still there and that assert that everything is okay with the world, even though we know all is not well.

I've being working in High Dynamic Range, which I do rarely as it often looks over cooked and artificial to me.

But there is no doubt that it allows us to handle a dynamic range that is way outside the camera's innate ability.

BTW: speaking of landscape photography, you might want to take a look at this

list: 100 landscape photographers worth knowing as it impressed me with just how much is out there that is very very good.

While here I will fly again as I am working on some new approaches to aerial photographing that I want to try out.

Stay tuned.

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