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Zone 2

In one of my recent posts I wrote about the Ansel Adams Zone System , the system designed to improve control over the negative's density and its subsequent development to produce excellent prints. 

While somewhat critical of vanity plates for automobiles I couldn't resist the chance to order these plates last year when I bought a new car:

Actually this is meant to be written in Roman numerals: Zone II, but my state's system of ordering plates made by prison inmates wouldn't allow it.

Zone II is a black with no detail, just one zone up from D Max, Zone I. You guessed it: my car is black. If you see this plate around Boston, give a honk. That'd be me, hopefully headed off on another photo adventure.

                                                           • • •

I don't know about you but I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. One of those is that I appreciate you, my readers. I wish you the best of possible days this Thanksgiving.

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