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Response Time

This is another of those posts of me writing a blog in an effort to ascertain that you are really there. Meaning this post is probably comparable to a PBS radio station saying to its listeners, "okay, you've been listening for free for a long time now, it's time to pay up".

Am I really writing here to ask for your money? No. While that would be great I am okay that way, but it would be really good to hear from you and in a particular way, especially if you are a subscriber. Some of you have been reading my writing for now a long time. If so, what would you like me to address? Is there work of mine you'd like me to discuss? Go to the site to find the work. Is there something in my career that interests you or you thought it would be good to hear about?

Your questions will help me refine what I write about and help to address topics that are interesting to you. Right now, I have very little sense of what you think of what I write.

So, the challenge is simple: write me to ask me to address something that interests you about my work, my career or anything else you think I might be conversant on. 

Here are the ground rules: I will not divulge your identity when I respond to your request and would only ever do so with your permission.


Write to me here.

and thanks.....

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Just another of my frequent reminders that you may subscribe to this blog. 

The upside? You will not miss another one of these amazing posts that have the hills and valleys, the ups and downs, the ins and outs of my ongoing most amazing adventure in photography.

The downside? You will be notified of a new posting every freaking day! Or almost. But hey if it really bugs you, you can unsubscribe any time you want.

Go to the blog, under my website, then click on SUBSCRIBE and put in your email address. Nothing easier.

Try it, you might like it.

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Just a quick post to remind you readers that you may subscribe to this blog. This is a no risk offer in that you may sign up, follow it for awhile and take yourself off the subscriber list anytime you want. You'll get an email notice every time I put up a new one. What could be better than that? And come on, you don't want to miss any of these riveting posts I am writing, do you?

Just go to the main page, then click on "Blog" and slide down to the right to where it says "Subscribe via email" and click. Fill out your email address and you're done.

And..... thanks.

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This is a just a quick post to remind you that you can subscribe to this blog. What does this mean? Simply that you will receive an email telling you've I've published a new blog and that you can click to it directly to see it. There is no commitment beyond that and each time you receive the email notification you can unsubscribe if you like.

This couldn't be easier to do. Open the blog, scroll down to the lower right heading that says "email". Click on it and enter your email address. Done.

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