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San Diego 1 Malaise

I have been here now for a couple of days. I am no longer jet lagged, the place I am renting is fine, the car I have is okay, the weather is perfect and the pictures are not there yet. I feel rusty, out of practice and the city is big and overwhelming. Today I worked at the Zoo which is huge, varied and world class:

This is from the Skyfari, a tramway that glides up and over the zoo.  

As are these:

Then I got into the reptile displays:

These are made simply by pushing the lens of the camera right up against the glass.

Yesterday was spent getting situated and exploring downtown:

So what do we have here? Probably some professional competency combined with a trained eye working at about 7/10ths. Yawn. I know I know. I am working on it. Whoever said it was easy?

You'll know it when I find it. Stay tuned.

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