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San Diego Ramble

I am headed off on a photo trip for three weeks to San Diego, CA. Those of you that know me know this is what I do. Go someplace, establish a base (usually a small house rental), hire a car,  and explore with a camera. I have no real ties to San Diego, but know northern California reasonably well and thought a trip to something new in February would be good. Besides, Boston isn't at its best in the middle of winter. San Diego is close enough to the Yuma, AZ area where I was last winter that I can get back easily enough. I plan on photographing the Imperial Sand Dunes again.

Will I post blogs while there? I don't really know. Probably, particularly if I get some pictures I care about. If you've been following, I have more Wheat picture posts to get out and I will finish those soon. I also have three photographer profiles to get out as well. 

An old friend and I were talking the other day about this trip. He and I have traveled together over the years many times to make pictures. I was saying that I might not photograph so much this time and he said, "yes you will" and he's right. 

I plan a future post on how to prepare for, pack for and organize travel so as to make pictures that are meaningful and contribute to your oeuvre. My fiend Lou Jones has written elegantly about this topic and he travels more than anyone I know. He has a great book on it called Off the Charts. This is something it is far too easy to do poorly... travel, take lots of photographs and come home with nothing worthwhile. I wrote about my own problems with this when I was younger in the the post Harry Callahan. I am thankful I learned this lesson early.

Next up: San Diego.

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