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What's Coming

What's coming up in the next few months:

The show at 555 Gallery in Boston called "Pairings" continues. For more information go here

I am honored to have several of my pieces in the show. If you never got to see any of my work from Iceland made in 2013 this is a good opportunity as two of the large photographs called " Rock" are on view:

The gallery also has the full "Rock" portfolio in  their flat files. Just ask to see the work.

On April 6 a new show at the Boston Athenaeum will open that will highlight works from recent acquisitions called: Works on Paper. It is open from April 6-September 3, 2017. Several years ago the museum purchased my series of "Peddocks Island"  for their collection. The show will feature some of those photographs. For more information go here.

Peddocks Island ©Neal Rantoul 2005

On April 13 I will speak on my photography for the Griffin Museum in Winchester. This lecture comes from a talk I gave for the Westchester Photographic Society in December called "Series Work". Here is the description:

As photographers we all work in series in some form or another. After all, assembling a group of pictures into a portfolio from a trip or that have the same subject can be called a series. But to turn series work into something meaningful and a significant art form takes a different approach. One of Neal Rantoul’s characteristics as a career artist is to take the everyday and raise it to a far higher level. He has worked serially his whole career, forming narratives that deepen the meaning of his photographs and extend our understanding of a place, a circumstance or a mindset. In this lecture and visual presentation, Rantoul will share several of his own series as clarification of the larger issue
of just how we can elevate our photographs from the mundane to the sublime.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have been making photographs in series since 1981. I am looking forward to sharing this way of working and hope you join me at the Griffin for what will be a special evening. Runs from 7-9 pm.

Here is the link:

Finally, on April 15 from 2-5pm  I will be at 555 Gallery in Boston to show several portfolios. This is an excellent opportunity to look at work with me and to ask questions. Among others I will be showing these portfolios: Rock (from Iceland), Kudzu, Salt Lake, Forti di Marmi and the exhibition proposal called ReRealization.

Update: If you've been following my posts this past winter you know I've been hard at work on a new series called "Shrink Wrapped". I am planning on  showing this new work on the 15th.

I look forward to seeing you there. 

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