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Starting May 12 the 555 Gallery in Boston is highlighting several artists' work and also making them available on specific days to show additional work as portfolios. This allows those interested in an artist's work to meet in person and learn more about their art and the  way they work.

This is simple, but inspired. People want to know more about the work they collect or choose to hang in their home. This is exactly that opportunity.

Note Change: I am scheduled to be there Thursday May 28 and Thursday June 4 from 6-8 pm. In this informal "meet the artist" series you can see a couple of works by artists whose work is represented by the gallery.  In my case, if you come the evenings I am there, I can show you new pieces called "Kudzu" framed and on the wall, but I can also show you other work from the flat file cases in the back that might interest you. Including work from this portfolio called Forti De Marmi, made in 2012 in Italy:

and aerial work from the south coast of Martha's Vineyard made last fall, called Waves:As an aside, photographing waves isn't something new, of course, but these are a little unusual in that they are a) from the air, b) from the ocean side and c) you can see right through the clear water to the sand below.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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