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A Photo Contest

I just got back from Hanover, NH where I helped judge a local photo contest. Lia RothsteinAmy Thompson Avishai and I weighed in with our votes in this amateur contest called the Annual Elden Murray Photography Competition now in its 38th consecutive year.

We had lots of help and a great crew of volunteers to make our job easier and judging run smoother. We had many categories to look at:

Prizes and/or Awards will be given in each category.

1) Landscape or Cityscape: "Scenic" images with or without buildings.
2) Animals, birds, insects: Both wild and domestic creatures; includes macros of any creature.                                                                                                            3)People: Portraits both formal and informal, groups, sports and performance events –anything in which the primary interest is the people.                                              4) Pictorial: Still lifes, objects, flowers, gardens, architectural details, etc.                  5) Experimental, abstract, non-representational.                                                       6) Photographs taken by people under 18 years of age.

Most contestants will have their work on view in the exhibition coming up next week and the prize winners will be announced then. Congratulations to all who participated! There was some wonderful work which made our task very difficult at times.

BTW: I don't think it got over 10 degrees above zero all day. On the drive up from Boston there was snow drifting across the highway as it was very windy too. Did I try to photograph? Yes, but it was a very quick try. Ah, winter in the Northeast.

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