The Day Before

Leave for Paradise tomorrow.

-Gyro stabilizer shipped out in advance

-Gear gone through, sensor and lenses cleaned, cards formatted, chargers in place

-Gone over Thank Tank rolling case, goes in overhead storage on plane

- Backpack incl two lens wraps to carry gear safely in pack

-Laptop ready, charger and adapters packed, incl mouse

-Backup and backup-to-the-backup hard drives cleared and ready

-Tripod packed

-Bring iPad with charger, can be useful for showing pictures in the field and for navigation

-Reservations made: flight, car and hotel. Had conversation with an air charter firm at Chico Airport, closest town to Paradise, they are set for us to fly over Paradise

-Research: found extensive video footage of Paradise Camp Fire on town's website available for public access to aid citizens in finding damage or destruction to property: Butte Country Recovers

-Printed and bringing both Property and Model Release forms, have business cards

-Packed work boots for walking through debris fields and ash covered areas

-Sunscreen and hat for bald head

-Checked week's forecast, will be cold so bringing warm parka, gloves, etc

-Daily journal packed

-Clothing for two days,  laundry if necessary in hotel

-Passport: check

Next post, probably Wed, Jan 2

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Permalink | Posted December 31, 2018