Residency 3

I left rural Dillard, Georgia at 6:30 yesterday morning, in the dark and in pouring rain as my time there was finished. I spent the night in a motel near Washington, DC and made it home today.

Night before last was our final dinner at the Hambidge Center. The six other residents and I ate with a group of twelve "VIP" women, they  had bidded for an "evening at the Hambidge Center" in a fund raising event last fall. Last night was the night. They were very interested in hearing where we came from and what we were doing during our time as "fellows" at Hambridge. It was a fun evening and a nice way to close out my time there.

What's next? I will work on files and make prints over the next couple of weeks. I think there may be two or three series that result from my time in the South, including one from the town of Spruce Pine in North Carolina made when I was teaching at Penland.

Here are a few made in Spruce Pine before I left for Georgia:

Then these from Georgia: 

which aren't really about ferns sticking out of the embankment on the side of the road.

And a few  kudzu pictures:

and these trailers:

It is  very good to be home.

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