For Exhibition: Large scale photographic panels created for the exhibition. Prints are @60 x 48 inches, mounted on aluminum and hung without frames, floating 1/2 inch off the wall. Gallery is painted a dark gray and lighting from above is only on the images. The room is dark and very quiet, with carpet on the floor. The show is called "ReRealized: photographs by Neal Rantoul". There is nothing else in the gallery. Although the final number of prints is yet to be determined as this would be dictated by the space assigned for the show, in order for the presentation to be effective there will need to be a minimum of 18 large scale prints in the show.

As you enter the gallery, this is printed on the right side wall, in white, with gray type:The impression when entering the room is of strong colors that are vibrant and saturated. 

There is some unease at seeing these photographs displayed in this manner. There is discontinuity from the imagery to the presentation. The photographs fit squarely into the large format landscape tradition of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, yet are rendered in strong colors that offset this and place them into a definition that is almost disrespectful of their heritage.

Yet, standing in front of these large prints that envelope your full field of view it isn't long before the pervasive color is no longer a factor and the image comes through, loud and clear, rendered in acute detail.

Funding will need to be secured in order for the artist to consider showing this work. While a museum venue is assumed, prominent galleries may also wish to submit.

The exhibition could be ready to open in the year 2015.

If your museum or gallery would be interested in exhibiting ReRealized you may contact the artist's gallery directly at:

555 Gallery

Susan Nalband, owner

Boston, MA



Phone:  857-496-7234

All enquiries will be considered until the cut off date of December 31, 2014.

The artist's CV is on the site in the "About"heading. Please do not contact the artist directly.

Topics: Digital,Color

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