Maine Vacation 3

If you've been following the posts Maine Vacation 1 and 2 you know that, while this is definitely a good time, I am making pictures while here in Maine too. Photography's hold on me is deep enough that I seldom stop making pictures. After so many years in, it is hard to turn it off. 

For several days I have been a "regular" at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum near Rockland. The second day there I had fog:

Perhaps a little underwhelming, yes? I understand. This definitely is one of those times when I am envisioning the prints I will make from these. This is called "previsualization" in Adam's Zone System terminology and can be a very helpful concept to master when shooting. How will I want these prints to look? Thinking about that when making the pictures is often a very good idea. In this case, large fairly flat and with muted colors. Can't wait to see them as prints.

What's next? More from the Museum but the next couple of shoots I moved indoors to photograph things on display.

More Maine Vacation to come.

Stay tuned.

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Permalink | Posted September 6, 2014