Iceland Rock

If you've been following the posts on my time so far in Iceland you know that we are no longer at the beginning part of being here. Things have settled down a little after the first couple of days of "shock and awe" at the beauty of the place. We've had some cold and rainy weather and then, after going into town in the morning for a swim in the local pool yesterday, we came back to enough of a break in the weather for me to go out and work a little.

I took a walk down this farm road:

Staggering enough on its own but little did I know what was going to happen as I got to the water. Everything was wet, it was gray with the sky packed with clouds and fog shrouding the Cape off to the right. I was headed off to the small bump you see in the above picture to the left in the frame.

I know what you're thinking, particularly if you've been reading these for a while: "Am I going to be looking at a Rantoul series here?" Maybe, but not yet, as I will need to work here some more.

Anyway, this was a real discovery as I hadn't been down here yet. Let me give you a reference of where we are now. The Baer Art Center is, turning 180 degrees from the above picture, here:


As I begin to climb that "bump" I find that Scott Johnson, one of the four other residents, is already in place. Scott is a professor of art at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and is an installation artist/sculptor/photographer on a post tenure sabbatical leave. Here is a brief biography of Scott: Bio.

As I come up to the top of the cliff I begin to see that this will not just be a rocky beach but will have some real substance.  Iceland will not disappoint:

By now I am on top of the cliff and I can get a sense of the coast and how the geology is exceptional. This is like nothing in my experience:

At the very edge of the cliff, if I turn left, I have this:

And to the right there is this:with Scott still perched up there on the top of his cliff shooting a time lapse video. A little later, I can't resist this with a long lens:

Back to work. At 66 years old I am definitely not scampering up and down this terrain the way I used to but I manage to get at a few places that are wonderful:

Then, beginning to head back, I come across this, where a small stream exits out into the ocean:This is the natural causeway that leads out to the Cape. More rocks in one place than it is possible to comprehend.

Finally, looking to the right and heading back to the studio before dinner there is this:

I will stop here. I did go back after dinner and worked until about 10. It is very strange but it doesn't really get dark here, ever. I will write a post about that in the future as it messes with your mind and body in odd ways.

At any rate, that's what I've been up to. I know I promised a profile of one of the other artists, Mahala. It is coming but she wanted more time to work.

Please, drop me an email with comments or questions about this place, the pictures or anything else.  Neal's email

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