Iceland: End

We are in our last week of a month long residency in northern Iceland at the Baer Art Center in Hofsos. The five of us are busy preparing for our Open House, where we will show work done while here to the community. Think: reception for 125 people, drinks and food, art on the walls with one installation piece made out back carved into the concrete pad facing due north. Me? Mine will be a slide show of work made while here that will run as a loop during the two hours of the open house.

What am I showing? Some of these:

made yesterday on a boat trip we took from Hofsos sliding up the coast past Baer and along next to "The Cape", huge walls of a rock cliff that was bizarre, beautiful and and a little terrifying:

I found myself wondering if this really was made in a random event of volcanic eruption as it seemed so ordered, so thought through, such an orchestrated place.

And some of these:

made from the back seat of this, a Piper Super Cub, last week on a rare blue sky day:

where, on the return leg, we flew over:

This last one made from pointing down at a river, made milky from silt carried down from glaciers melting faster after a few warm days.

Is this a complete summary of the work I've done here? Not even close. This post just looks at a couple of the bodies of work I made here. The slide show for the Open House tomorrow is short but even so is 132 photographs. Blogs are great but not a place to show work in depth. I will leave that for the site and for future exhibition.

Trust me: if you care about photographing or just seeing a place that is simply amazing in its variety, its sheer beauty and its extensiveness and would like to do that in the summer when it is cool and pleasant here, Iceland is your place. I have simply been blown away by this land, the warmth of its people, this country that is not over populated and the experience of being allowed to live here for the past month. I have Steinunn to thank as she made it all possible by starting the residencies over five years ago and hosts us here at Baer. She did a remarkable thing and she and her family have my everlasting gratitude.

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