Those of you that are steady readers of this blog: there have been a run of posts over the past couple of months that were based upon my being local, with access to all the files necessary to write about work, to write profiles, etc. and to address concerns about new work as well.

All that's about to change because today I leave for Iceland on a one month residency at the Baer Art Center in Hofsos. This is an artist in residency I applied for last winter. I was awarded a slot in the second of the two periods that residents are at the Center each summer.

For more information about Baer in Iceland go: here

For those that don't know what a residency is I suggest you go here for more information.

The best work I've been able to find from Iceland is the photographs of Andre Ermolaev, a Russian photographer. His work is here.

     photograph by Andre Ermolaev

My plan, hatched before I get there, is to post what I am up to during the time I am in Iceland, with frequent pictures showing what I am working on. I hope to make aerial photographs while there. I will photograph on the ground as well.

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Permalink | Posted July 6, 2013