I Love Your Space

555 Gallery in Boston has gone dark for a week as they are busy installing work for the new show,  I love Your Space, which opens March 5. This will not be your  average show, defined as nice work hanging well spaced and framed on the walls of a gallery or museum. In fact, as I've learned, this show won't have anything on its walls at all.

Boston does have a reputation of being "traditional", "stodgy"and "conservative". But none of those will apply to a show you view by looking at a hand held mirror to see prints hanging from the ceiling. This show might even be a little scandalous (dare I say that?). And even my work will be viewed from above looking down as though from a plane at the landscape and water below:

seen here being installed by Susan Nalband, the gallery's owner and Keith Waters, brought in to help with carpentry.

I don't know that my work has ever been shown before as horizontal pictures parallel with the floor. How cool is that?

The opening is Saturday March 7 from 5-8 pm and please note: It is really time to get off our collective asses and get out! This winter has been too long and we've been hunkered down as if in a siege. It is time for us to reclaim our city by getting out and doing stuff. Susan, her husband Ed and helpers throw a great party for an opening. I guarantee a good time. When was the last time you saw art hanging from the ceiling? Seriously, how can you not go to this one?

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