Best of 2014

For this end of the year look at the best of 2014 I have decided to choose one photograph from each month. Can you imagine? I am not looking for sympathy here but out of the thousands upon thousands of pictures I have made this past year for  someone who works primarily in series this has proven to be almost impossible task.

What did I do? I just plunged in. I spent several hours just going through what I'd shot. If you photograph a lot, try it. There probably are as many interpretations of what you did this past year as there are photographs you made, but it is a worthwhile and challenging exercise.

Here we go:January: from Nantucket, visiting friends.

February: I was staying in Santa Rosa about 1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco and drove back east over the mountains to photograph in the Central Valley. This was from the air.

March: I made three large bodies of work while in California last winter. I photographed the rock formations called "Tafoni" along the coast, made aerial photographs inland and made pictures of skate parks, this one in Healdsburg.

April: by April I was back home and began photographing at a place called Costume World in Fitchburg, MA. Wigs, masks, some mannequins. This work will be shown at 555 Gallery in September, 2015.

May: I was back on Martha's Vineyard. This is one I make often, with a very long lens. It is of the clay cliffs at Aquinnah (Gay Head).

June: By then I was at Penland in North Carolina teaching. This is from the town Marion nearby.

July: I returned to The Palouse to photograph wheat, near Pullman, WA. This from the air.

August: in Boston, from my bike, near Fenway Park.

September: From the National Museum of Medicine and Health in Maryland.

October: back at Martha's Vineyard. This one from the tip of the small island Chappaquidick from the air.

November: I was in Europe and friends took me up to their place on the side of a mountain in the Italian Alps.

December: from Somerville, back home again.

I had a very good year. In this period of my life I have no job to go to and few requirements or demands placed upon me. Making art resides in the center of all I do; my activity, my travel, my thoughts, my concentration, my wishes. This is a remarkable gift, of course, that I can do this, and I try to not take any of it for granted, as it is completely what I have always wanted throughout my long career. To be free to make pictures like this is a sincere privilege. I hope some of my own experiences can benefit you in yours. I enjoy sharing my work with you and hope you enjoy looking at my photographs. 

I wish you the very best in this coming year, 2015.

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