A New Look

It gives me great pleasure to announce, drum roll please, the new and revised website! 

New features, revised navigation, new access and a new "featured photograph". The design team of John Kramer and Michael Hoy at John Kramer Design have been working behind the scenes to improve features and integrate the blog into the site more. The prevailing complaint about the opening page was that it was unattractive and awkward to use. While the thumbnails remain, they are subdued into a "gallery" page and now are titled so that searches for specific work is now easy. Series are now searchable and slotted into categories, allowing me to link series to series better. Also, you can search for specific kinds of work;  black and white, color, foreign, domestic, analog, digital and so on. So, if  you are a subscriber that never goes to the site itself, check it out. 

Finally, you can go to current and recent blogs right from the front page just by clicking on them. We've done this to connect the blog to the site better. When I first started the blog no one knew how active I would be with it. If you've been reading it a while, you know that it is very active. For the past year or so it has felt at times as though the website was secondary to the blog itself, never my intention.

Websites should be active, fluid tools, not fixed in stone and immutable. Due to the blog, the whole site had slanted slightly. I believe with these changes it is running level again but look forward to your comments and reactions. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think: email.

And thank you, John and Michael!

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Permalink | Posted December 15, 2013