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Solothurn, CH 1983

The Solothurn, Switzerland series was made in the summer of 1983.

As this was only the 3 third or  fourth series made (after Nantucket and Yountville  for isntance) i was still early days in this manner of photographing.


The prints are about 11 inches square and are archivally processed and toned with Selenium.

If you'd like to see the work, please contact 555 Gallery in Boston.

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Solothurn 01
Solothurn 02
Solothurn 03
Solothurn 04
Solothurn 05
Solothurn 06
Solothurn 07
Solothurn 08
Solothurn 09
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Solothurn 11
Solothurn 12
Solothurn 13
Solothurn 14
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