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Chartreuse Rocks 2013

Chartreuse (US /ʃɑrˈtrz//ʃɑrˈtrs/ or RP /ʃɑːˈtrɜːz/;[2] French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁtʁœz]) (the web color) is a color halfway between yellow and green that was named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764. Similarly, chartreuse yellow is a yellow color mixed with a small amount of green that was named because of its resemblance to the color of one of the French liqueurs called yellow chartreuse, introduced in 1838.[3]


Series made in Iceland in July 2013 near town of Hofsos along the coast.

Prints are 25 x 17 inches and are archival inkjet prints

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S134570 pair 4 right
S134586 pair 1 left
S134587 pair 1 right
S134592 pair 2 left
S134593 pair 2 right
S134598 pair 3 left
S134602 pair 3 right
S134609 pair 4 left
S134610 pair 5 left
S134611 pair 5 right