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Cambridge, MA 1994

The Cambridge series are an important group of pictures for me as this was during the time when I wasn't making series work. I had stopped making series pictures in the mid eighties and had concentrated on making pictures in the 8 x 10 inch film format for many years. I didn't make series work in 8 x 10, but I did with these. These were unusual in that I made them where I live, during the fall when I was teaching. As the job was demanding, I very seldom made pictures on this kind of large scale when teaching. I made these over a three week period and printed them the following Christmas break. The prints are 24 x 20 inches. The print portfolio is  incomplete as several of the original prints have sold.

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Cambridge 001
Cambridge 002
Cambridge 003
Cambridge 004
Cambridge 005
Cambridge 006
Cambridge 007
Cambridge 008
Cambridge 009
Cambridge 010
Cambridge 011
Cambridge 012
Cambridge 013
Cambridge 014
Cambridge 015