You Are Invited

You are invited to the first ever Poster Party at the studio Sunday February 23, from 4-8 pm.

Here's the back story. Over the years various projects and exhibitions have resulted in posters being made. As we've had some of these up on the wall of my studio for some time it occurred to me that perhaps we could combine these, one of which goes back to 1981(!), with newer ones made more recently. In 2010 when I launched the current version of the website I worked with John Kramer, the site's designer, to make several posters. Those will be on view at the party. And, with the help of Andrea Greitzer, who you may know as my book designer, we have several new posters as well. Finally, going out on a limb, I have designed a few of my own. All these will be on display and available for sale.

Note, often people have "sticker shock " when thinking of purchasing a print. I get that. Buying a poster is a very inexpensive way to get an image of mine. Simple enough.

During the party we will be printing posters on demand. This way we can print your poster and you can take your purchase with you.

If you're not local but still want to purchase we will run the posters up on the site so you can see what they look like. You can then get in touch and we will print your poster and ship it out to you.

We hope you can make it 2/23. We're going to have drinks and snacks on hand so please come!

Permalink | Posted February 5, 2020