Utah Day 9

This'll be it for the Utah trip as by Day 10 I'll be on a plane for Boston.I've enjoyed bringing it to you and have a couple of observations.

First: length of trip. I learned the length issue when shooting wheat fields for many years in the mid nineties. Too long is not good, too short is too short. At least for me, every day concentrating on photographing, driving and photographing can wear you down and start to make something you love doing not so much fun or rewarding. That usually means too long. Ten days is about right, although I can do a trip like this in seven. Longer and things can get repetitive and routine, never good.

Most trips show up equipment flaws and deficiencies,  if not a need for a replacement. Hopefully, you haven't dropped a camera or had one fail. I used to travel with a backup. I no longer do. I know, risky. Perhaps this addresses my faith in Nikon for I have not ever had one fail. I do know after this trip I need to replace one lens with a better one.


I am now writing this after being back for two weeks and can bring you up to speed with where I am with the pictures from Utah.

So far so good, but still early days. I have worked primarily on the work made from the two days I spent photographing Factory Butte near Hanskville. The area near the butte is also exceptional and those are beginning to come  as well.