Going to Paradise Conclusion

To start: was I trespassing, infringing on the residents of Paradise property  to

I flew home now a couple of days ago, have loaded the files I shot in Paradise into the studio computer, began pouring over what I have, using a starring system to rate them, and have even made a couple of prints.

Decisions, decisions. Big prints or small prints? Many or few? Color or black and white? Saturated and "enhanced" or straight and factual?

Let's try this: what's the project? What was the motivation and then what is the result? Long time art photographer goes to scene of massive wildfire to take pictures, switching hats to take on the role of a documentarian, a witness to an event, now finished and only destruction left behind, like a battlefield after the battle.

Motivated by a morbid fascination, partly aligned with other works of mine that dealt with death and violent circumstances, I find myself