Series description Thumbnails

Nelson, BC 1993

I wrote this statement for a  show I was having that included the Nelson pictures in 1995:
These photographs are meant to be viewed from left to right and are hung in the same sequence as when I made them.This way of working uses a very wide lens and three "grounds". The foreground, which is a completely different part of the fence in each picture, the middleground of the backs of the houses which overlap in each image but is different and the background of the mountains across the valley, which changes very little due to being so far away.
I make thise pictures in this way to comment upon the place but also to comment upon photography for the way the medium sees is very specific and isn't really the same way we perceive something as we stand in front of it. These "slices" remind me of cubist paintings for when we understand that composities can form a whole we can see these photogrpahs as pieces of a puzzle rather than single images.

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